Journey with the Rainbow Healing Cards

Healing is a journey, and every step is an opportunity to move into a better understanding of who you are – your Authentic Self.


Rainbow Healing can assist in creating harmonious relationships with others and the environment as well as a more powerful spiritual connection.


Rainbow Healing may initiate a transformational experience that produces increased concentration, better problem-solving abilities, more balanced emotions.


The practice of Rainbow Healing can result in your having overall positive life experiences. Each session promotes release of emotional blocks that may be preventing physical healing, too.

Essential Oils.

A number of essential oils and blends may be used throughout the session, which may involve both verbal interaction and meditative states.


The Rainbow Healing System is a method of working with energies that can be gently integrated into daily life, to help an individual in becoming their authentic self. As such, the system can help in very applicable situations:

Making decisions

Seeking advice

Searching for direction in life

Transformational Healing of the mind and body

Awakening to your authentic self

… and the rest is for you to discover!

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"It will be one of the tools I use as I transform." — Jenn

Below is a testimonial of a lady who had a powerful healing experience with the Rainbow Healing Cards:

Dear Frances. I want to thank you so very much for creating the Rainbow Healing cards. My beautiful deck arrived the other day and I just about cried when I opened them up. They are my favorite color and EVERY SINGLE card spoke to me.

I read through your book and love my crystals almost as much as the YL oils. The first card I pulled, I said to myself. A yellow stone goes with this card and went on to read you recommend yellow calcite!

I am at a powerful and, at times, painful transformational period in my life. All of which is happening within myself. I have a blessed life but have to heal from near death trauma.

The first three cards I pulled tonight were spot on! I just had to lay here with them at my heart as I prayed and reflected.

It’s been many moons since I have connected with a deck. Your FB post jumped out at me. The deck is beautiful. It will be one of the tools I use as I transform to magnificence!

Wanted to share my gratitude with you. Thank you for your time. — Jenn