Colours of Rainbow Healing


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The “Colours of Rainbow Healing” takes your creative gifts to another level. As you have fun colouring each of the glyphs, you will integrate the information held within and may better understand who you are, expanding your healing process.

Each of the 10 glyphs is a step in the journey to becoming the Authentic Self. When we integrate all the knowledge and abilities of our Authentic Self, we are prepared to fulfill upon the purpose for which we were created. Whether the focus is upon the concept, the shape of the glyph itself, the colour of the glyph, application of the essential oils, or interacting with the crystals, the information can be integrated on some level. When we utilize more than one of these interactions, we may speed up the process.

As we integrate all 10 of the glyphs, we are able to easily create our Sacred Space – a safe place where our healing can take place without interference.

This book focuses upon the frequencies of the colours that holds the energy of each glyph. It may be that you a different colour as you work with the glyph, and that is fine. You may find that the colours change as you grow through your process of unravelling the code of the glyphs.

Wherever your journey leads you is perfect…

Many blessings of JOY and TRANSFORMATION,
Frances Fuller

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